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Gas turbine diffuser and cover plate

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Diffuser can be divided into vaned diffuser and vaneless diffuser. Its working principle is to convert velocity energy into pressure energy by making use of the different cross-sectional areas of flow passage. Vane diffuser restricts the flow direction of air flow through the shape of blade, thus shortening the overall structure size of diffuser channel. In axial compressors, vaneless diffusers are usually used after the last stage to recover the velocity energy of air flow. Of course, a similar diffuser will be used at the outlet of the turbine expander.

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The absolute velocity C2 at the impeller outlet of centrifugal compressor is generally 200-300m/s. The flow velocity of the impeller of the high energy head can reach more than 500m/s. This part of kinetic energy accounts for a considerable proportion of the total energy head of the gas supplied by the impeller. For example, the radial straight blade type impeller accounts for 50%, and the pump type fire compressor type impeller also accounts for 25% - 40% Therefore, this kinetic energy must be effectively converted into static pressure energy, which is the task of the diffuser. The diffuser also plays the role of collecting and leading out gas.

Our company has DMU125P five axis universal machining center in Demaj, Germany, which produces gas turbine diffusers, and related CNC milling machines and other supporting equipment. The equipment and products have a high degree of adaptability. We have formed good cooperation with many companies such as "Xinao Energy Power Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.". With mature processing technology and perfect quality assurance system, we can provide customers with high-quality products, It has won unanimous praise from customers.

Our company has mature processing technology and perfect quality assurance system, which can provide customers with high-quality products, and has won unanimous praise from customers. 

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