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MES system promotes the improvement of company management

After preliminary on-site investigation, business knowledge training and production business process reorganization, the company will fully launch the installation and online of MES system at the end of August this year.

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is the production process execution system of manufacturing enterprises, which is a set of production information management system for the workshop execution layer of manufacturing enterprises.

MES system promotes the improvement of company management

After the MES system is launched, it can provide our company with management modules including manufacturing data management, planning and scheduling management, production scheduling management, inventory management, quality management, human resources management, work center / equipment management, tools and tooling management, procurement management, cost management, project Kanban management, production process control, bottom data integration analysis, and top data integration and decomposition, so as to create a solid, reliable A feasible manufacturing collaborative management platform.

After the MES system goes online, the company will realize the digitization of product BOM management, the informatization of material procurement to product delivery, the timely adjustment of operation plan, the systematization of equipment start-up rate and other management, and the visualization of data related to man hours, quality and cost, which will fully realize the construction of digital workshops and factories.

After the MES system is launched, it has played a better role in promoting the planning, preciseness, controllability and timeliness of the company’s production organization, and also ensured the confidentiality of the company’s technical documents, the convenience and accuracy of the transmission of technical procedures. It has changed the current situation that everything depends on human control, greatly shortened the management process and cycle, and also played an obvious role in the control of material consumption and human cost, making the company’s production organization The management level and ability in personnel arrangement, plan implementation, technical quality control, cost control and other aspects have been greatly improved, which also promotes the company to advance from one high point to another and better serve customers.

Post time: Sep-01-2022